Unique Ways to Store Children's Toys and Games

January 25, 2016

Unique Ways to Store Children's Toys and Games

At Gigi Brooks, we're incredibly passionate about adding a little magic to those things that are usually considered highly practical and, dare we say it, maybe even a little bit dull.

We think our motto 'why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary' probably says it best. There are numerous things that babies and children need no matter what and we believe in making them highly covetable items in their own right. In many ways, this is the true essence of luxury.

Toy storage definitely falls into this category. As any parent knows, you would be hard pushed to survive without it, and of course functionality is key, but that doesn't mean it can't bring something extra special to your child's bedroom, playroom or nursery.

We offer an incredible range of unique children's toy storage, ranging from stunning bespoke pieces on a grand scale to traditional toy boxes that are surely destined to become beautiful family heirlooms.

With so much choice, you might be wondering where you should start. Here are some helpful hints designed to help you pick the perfect storage for your child's room...

Think Outside the Box

Baskets, buckets and boxes are the stalwarts of toy storage because they actually work, but that doesn't mean they have to be boring. Our collection includes an array of bold designs, many of which are adorned with cute, colourful characters that kids can't help but fall in love with.

Unique Ways to Store Children's Toys and Games

Unique Ways to Store Children's Toys and Games

Keep It Traditional

A beautiful toy chest never looks out of place in a playroom, especially if you choose something that complements the existing decor. Much of our range is  made to order, featuring timeless bespoke details, artisanal craftsmanship, exquisitely detailed carving and appliques with hand applied finishes. With a “built to grow” ethos behind every creation, these toy chests are designed to span generations, bringing joy to countless children and their parents.

Unique Ways to Store Children's Toys and Games

Go Bespoke

When it comes to creating dreamy storage for your little one, your imagination really is the only limit. Gigi Brooks Bespoke specialises in offering a complete baby and children’s interior design service, down to the smallest detail or the most intricate idea. We can create one-of-a-kind pieces and storage solutions that are as unique as the person they're for. We'll add our expertise to your ideas and provide detailed sketches and coloured drawings to help you visualise the designs and bring your pieces to life!

Unique Ways to Store Children's Toys and Games

Unique Ways to Store Children's Toys and Games

Shop our collection of Bookcases, Toy Boxes and Storage here.

As ever, the Gigi Brooks team are on hand to assist you in creating the perfect look for your child's bedroom, playroom or nursery. Simply contact Customer Services on +44 (0)1507 608 251 or email customerservices@gigibrooks.com.

How would you like to store your little one's toys and games?

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