Top Tips for Organising Your Child's Clothes

January 20, 2016

Top Tips for Organising Your Child's Clothes

Every parent knows, or at least quickly comes to realise, that babies and small children require a lot of clothing. When you consider how fast they grow and how many changes of clothes they can get through in a day, it's easy to see why their wardrobe can quickly descend into a state of chaos.

Today we're sharing five top tips to help you keep their clothing organised. Getting them dressed will soon be a breeze!


Start by removing everything from your child's wardrobes and drawers. Look over what you have and begin purging. As kids grow so quickly and have different needs from one season to the next, there are bound to be things you can clear out. Only keep what you absolutely love, unless you have a younger child that will soon be able to wear any hand-me-downs.


Step back and look at the clothing you've decided to keep. If there are any obvious gaps in their wardrobe, make a list of what they need and refer back to it next time you're shopping.

Top Tips for Organising Your Child's Clothes


It's almost inevitable that you'll end up with different sizes and seasons of clothing, especially if you have more than one child. For this reason, it's important to regularly rotate your children's wardrobes.

With infants, you'll probably need to do this every 6-8 weeks, but with older children we'd suggest doing this on a seasonal or annual basis. Keep a basket or bag handy and use it to store items when they become too small. Once this is full, return to step one and have another purge.


Ensuring you have the best possible storage for your children's clothing will make your life so much easier. It's also the perfect excuse to choose something beautiful that really complements your chosen decor in their bedroom or nursery.

At Gigi Brooks, we offer a range of gorgeous handcrafted pieces that are designed to span generations and become more and more versatile as your child grows.

Combining practicality with opulent styling, our range of wardrobes, cupboards and armoires provide stunning storage solutions and add a luxe feel to any space. Our range of changing tables and dressers is equally impressive and incredibly luxurious.

A dresser with a built in changing table is a sensible choice for the nursery. A chifforobe is also ideal. Use the coloured drawers in our Through the Woods design to organise clothes into their different categories. As your child grows, they'll quickly learn that the green drawer is for socks and the blue one for t-shirts, fostering their independence and helping them hone those all important life skills.

Top Tips for Organising Your Child's Clothes

A design like our Penelope Hand-Painted Wardrobe/Bookcase is a great example of how one piece can really maximise the storage in your child's room. Clothes can be hung, folded and stored in the middle and on the right, while the bookcase on the left includes five generously spaced shelves.

Top Tips for Organising Your Child's Clothes


Keeping children's clothing organised is an ongoing process and one you'll need to stay on top of if you want to maintain a sense of order. However, with the right furniture it needn't cause you too much trouble! Simply repeat these steps on a regular basis as your children grow and their wardrobes need never be a source of stress again.

Shop our collection of Armoires, Wardrobes and Cupboards here.

Top Tips for Organising Your Child's Clothes

As ever, the Gigi Brooks team are on hand to assist you in creating the perfect look for your child's bedroom, playroom or nursery. Simply contact Customer Services on +44 (0)1507 608 251 or email

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