Gigi Brooks Little Black Book - My First Ballet

January 11, 2016

Gigi Brooks Little Black Book - My First Ballet

Our Little Black Book is brimming with what we consider to be the most exquisite products, places, activities and adventures for you and your little ones. We know luxury when we see it and we love using this exclusive blog series to leave you feeling inspired and ready to discover something new.

Taking children to the theatre is such a joy. Here at Gigi Brooks HQ, some of the team treated their little ones to a festive show before Christmas and were reminded just how magical the whole experience can be. Whatever the performance, children tend to be mesmerised by the action onstage and enthralled by the theatre's unique atmosphere. Treat them to ice-cream during the interval and they'll be patrons of the arts for life!

Combining music, dance and storytelling, ballet is an ideal introduction to the theatre. Tiny dancers will love My First Ballet, a unique collaboration between English National Ballet and English National Ballet School. The performances are specially created to make classical ballet accessible and enjoyable to children from the age of three upwards.

Gigi Brooks Little Black Book - My First Ballet

Following the success of Swan Lake, Cinderella and Coppélia, My First Ballet: Sleeping Beauty has been created by English National Ballet’s Associate Artist George Williamson and will be performed by second year students from English National Ballet School.

As a baby, Princess Aurora is cursed by the evil Carabosse: on her 16th birthday, she will prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die. Her godmother the Lilac Fairy alters the spell so Aurora will not die but will sleep for 100 years, only to be awoken by true love’s kiss. From Aurora’s christening in the grand hall of the palace, to her jubilant wedding celebrations, the popular fairy tale comes alive on stage.

With a narrator to help the young audience follow the story, and a shortened version of Tchaikovsky’s gorgeous music, this is the perfect introduction to the beauty of ballet, and a fantastic family day out. There are performances throughout the UK from 24th March - 29th May. You can find more information and book tickets here.

Have you ever taken your little one to the theatre? Did they enjoy the show?

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