Luxury Christmas Gift Guide 2015 - Older Children

November 23, 2015

Luxury Christmas Gift Guide 2015 - Older Children

We don't want to alarm you, but did you know there's only 32 days till Christmas? Don't worry, we've designed our Luxury Christmas Gift Guide to take all the stress out of your festive shopping!

We've already shared ideas for babies and young children, so today it's all about those precious little ones that aren't quite so little anymore!

Children aged between 5 and 8 can feel tricky to buy for. Not only do their tastes become more and more defined as they grow, they also begin to crave things that are 'cool'! Play is still important, but so is being made to feel like a big kid.

Luckily, Gigi Brooks offers the perfect mix of classic toys and games alongside an array of super cool products that contemporary kids are sure to covet. Read on to discover five of our top picks for older children...

1. A vintage style toy

Our fantastic range of vintage style toys transports children back to a time before technology became so prominent, when their imagination was their most valuable asset. Each and every one of the toys in this range requires you to believe that they can take you somewhere you have never been; imaginary worlds where you are and can be whoever you choose.

The refined style and high quality feel of the collection makes these toys ideal for older children. Our Green Fingered Gardening Kit, Vintage Baking Kit, Vintage Botany Set and Vintage Explorer's Case are particularly good for those in this age range.

Luxury Christmas Gift Guide 2015 - Older Children


2. A gorgeous board game or puzzle

Although the lure of the iPad and all the latest apps can be hard to resist, we're yet to meet a child that doesn't enjoy a good old fashioned board game or puzzle. Ideal for winter when outdoor play is harder to come by, our collection is brimming with unique and unusual items that older children will love such as the Frog Prince Board Game, Bird Catcher and Pirate Island. Better still, our Do It Yourself Board Game gives kids the freedom to create their own!

Luxury Christmas Gift Guide 2015 - Older Children


3. A super cool Madpax backpack

Infused with distinct individuality and funky fashion, this eccentric collection of multi-purpose backpacks and bags is vibrantly coloured and seriously durable. Perfect for school or weekend adventures, kids will love this stylish, individual gift.

Luxury Christmas Gift Guide 2015 - Older Children


4. A giant Blabla knitted doll

Our fantastic range of hand knitted giant dolls are large enough for big kids to cuddle and cool enough for them to adore! Made from pure cotton on the outside and polyester fibre on the inside, each and every giant doll is incredibly cuddly, but strong enough to withstand even the most dangerous of adventures.

Luxury Christmas Gift Guide 2015 - Older Children


5. A colourful Woouf bean bag

Designed for young, imaginative people, this range is perfect for injecting a little colour and fun into your child's nursery or bedroom.

With super cool, slightly retro designs such as a cupcake, doughnut, pop corn and a rock star amp, these fashionable bean bags also feature a water repellent, removable technical canvas cover which is conveniently machine washable for everyday easy-care.

Luxury Christmas Gift Guide 2015 - Older Children

Be sure to browse our Holiday Gift Guide and explore our Christmas Shop for plenty more present buying ideas! Do you have a 5 to 8 year old who's looking forward to Christmas?

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