Gigi Loves - Sleeping Beauty Decorative Doll

November 18, 2015

Gigi Loves - Sleeping Beauty Decorative Doll

The 'Gigi Loves' seal of approval is reserved for items held in particularly high regard by the expert team at Gigi Brooks HQ. These are the things you'll find in our homes and the products we would recommend to family and friends. In this ongoing series, we'll not only share top picks from our collection of products, but offer you insight into the refined taste and style synonymous with the Gigi Brooks brand.

The enchanting tale of Sleeping Beauty is magically brought to life in this stunning decorative doll. Created with incredible attention to detail, it's an heirloom piece that demands to be adored by children and adults alike.

The artistry involved in her creation goes beyond earthly beauty, achieving an aesthetic that seems heaven-sent. A moment of tender anxiety is captured forever in her beautiful mouth-blown glass eyes, just as Sleeping Beauty herself was frozen in time for one hundred years.

Intended for ornamental purposes, little ones will melt over her fabulous deep-red silk-brocade dress with gorgeous cotton-velvet rose border. Hand crafted by expert artisans, this unique doll is perfect for anyone with a passion for fairytales or a love of magic and wonder.

Made from materials of the only the highest quality, including real hair wigs, mouth-blown glass eyes and fine, pure fabrics such as silk, wool and leather, this magnificent doll would make a fabulous Christmas gift that will stand the test of time and become a wonderful family heirloom.

Gigi Loves - Sleeping Beauty Decorative Doll

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Tell us, what was your favourite fairytale as a child?

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