Luxury Christmas Gift Guide 2015 - Baby

November 09, 2015

Luxury Christmas Gift Guide 2015 - Baby

It's the most wonderful time of the year and Gigi Brooks is here to make sure you and your children have a truly memorable Christmas.

In the coming weeks, we'll be sharing a series of expertly curated Christmas Gift Guides to help you select the very best presents for the most precious people in the world; your little ones.

Today it's all about the babies! Newborns and infants can be difficult to buy for, but we've included 5 fabulous ideas below. Read on to discover some of the dreamiest gifts in the world....

1. A stylish dining set

At Gigi Brooks we're partial to gifts that can be treasured for years to come. While your little one might not be ready for their own crockery just yet, a special set is sure to bring endless joy as they develop and grow.

Each 3-piece dining set from Alex Marshall Studios is individually handcrafted by skilled artisans. With a choice of sweet images that capture the innocence of childhood, this crockery will undoubtedly become a treasured keepsake. Shop the collection here.

Luxury Christmas Gift Guide 2015 - Baby


2. A special ride-on toy

As they become less dependent and more mobile, babies grow to love the freedom of a ride-on toy. Our range of Au Nain Bleu Babytrot plush ride-ons are lovingly designed and handmade especially for Gigi Brooks by one of Paris’ most luxurious and exclusive couture toy makers.

Soft, sumptuous plush material makes these ride-ons irresistibly cuddly to the touch and also keeps little legs protected ride after ride. It will quickly become your child's favourite way of whizzing around the house! Shop the collection here.

Luxury Christmas Gift Guide 2015 - Baby


3. A cute character to cuddle

Whether your little one is sleeping peacefully in their crib or enjoying an elaborate imaginary adventure while they're awake, a knitted doll from our collection will be the perfect companion.

Each Blabla doll is handmade from the softest cotton with a strong polyester fibre filling to keep them tough no matter where they go. Each character is cuddly and loveable and perfect for all ages. Shop the collection here.

Luxury Christmas Gift Guide 2015 - Baby


4. A dazzling nightlight

With our Star Gazer Nightlights you can give the gift of gazing up at a ceiling full of stars. Light is projected through tiny openings on the individually handcrafted stoneware egg's surface, creating a dream-like environment that is perfect for bedtime.

Hand crafted by expert artisans in California, these glorious nightlight lamps are available in seven lovely glossy colours with a sturdy and safe stainless steel nightlight base. Shop the collection here.

Luxury Christmas Gift Guide 2015 - Baby


5. A beautiful outfit

Christmas day is the perfect time to dress baby in something special, so a beautiful, luxurious outfit really is the perfect gift to give. Our collection of designer baby clothing from Pili Carrera is crafted from the finest wools and cottons and combined with fine fabrics like pique and plumetti. Adorned by hand, this collection has been created for the most tender beings of all.

Defined by elegance, craftsmanship, good taste and comfort, each one of these baby ensembles is of exceptional couture quality. Incredible attention to detail, exclusive designs, harmonious colours, sumptuous fabrics and delicate embroidery sets this clothing apart, making each piece special in its own right. Shop the collection here.

Luxury Christmas Gift Guide 2015 - Baby


Be sure to browse our Holiday Gift Guide and explore our Christmas Shop for plenty more present buying ideas! How will you be spoiling your baby this Christmas?!

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