5 Toddler Essentials

November 02, 2015

5 Toddler Essentials

As well as being a source of great delight, each new stage of your child's development presents a multitude of challenges. This is never more true than when they leave their baby days behind and become fully-fledged toddlers. It's a period of dramatic change and one that often leaves parents tearing their hair out. After all, there's a reason they're known as the 'terrible twos'!

With so much to take in and a rambunctious toddler to tame, it's all too easy for parents to feel overwhelmed by the needs of their growing child. In an attempt to help you navigate this period of parenthood, we've pulled together five essentials for life with a toddler. As ever, Gigi Brooks is dedicated to infusing even the most practical products with a little luxe appeal!

1. Toddler Bed

A toddler's bed is just as important as a baby's crib and it's often the first piece of furniture that needs to change as your child grows. At Gigi Brooks we're on hand to offer plenty of help and advice. Read more about our Bespoke Services, contact the Customer Services team on or email customerservices@gigibrooks.com.

In the meantime, you can explore our incredible range of beds here. Abington Roses by Newport Cottages is a firm favourite at HQ!

5 Toddler Essentials


2. Clever Storage

There's no getting away from the fact that children accumulate a lot of stuff! While you once needed storage for tiny little onesies and baby socks, a toddler's bedroom or playroom overflows with toys, books and games.

Our Rumble Animals Storage Collection is a vibrant and creative range of items that can provide a stylish remedy to storing much loved items. Whether a storage box for compiling toys or a laundry hamper to add some organisation to the bedroom or nursery, the range provides small and large storage solutions in a stylish and exciting way.

Each item features a friendly animal designed to add bold colour and personality to the home. From Wyla the Whale to Henrietta the Hippo, little ones will soon get into the habit of tidying and organising their favourite items when they see the faces of their new animal friends!

5 Toddler Essentials


3. Age Appropriate Toys

One of the first things you'll notice as your little one transitions from baby to toddler is the huge importance of play. Vital to their development and a key way in which they learn about the world, age appropriate toys are definitely a toddler essential!

Gigi Brooks offers an array of fabulous options, but favourites include our Table Top Puppet Theatre, our collection of super soft Plush Ride-Ons and our range of Rocking Sheep.

5 Toddler Essentials


4. A Night Light

As well as being a stylish addition to your child's bedroom, a night light is ideal for 2-4 year olds as children can be particularly prone to nightmares at this age. Soft, soothing light will not only help them drift off at the end of the day, it will also comfort them if they find themselves awake in the middle of the night.

Our beautiful Star Gazer Night Lights create a ceiling full of stars for your little one to look at. Light projected through tiny openings on the individually handcrafted stoneware egg's surface creates a dream-like environment that is perfect for bedtime. Just the right amount of light is emitted to produce beautifully soft ambient light that won't stimulate or distract your child.

5 Toddler Essentials


5. A Special Blanket of Comforter

Although toddlers like to think they're 'big kids', deep down they're still little. A special blanket or comforter, perhaps a touch larger than one they would have used as a baby, is perfect for nap times, car journeys and any time they need to feel safe and secure.

Our exquisite Sweet Dreams Blanket was designed exclusively for Gigi Brooks. Each one is individually created using only the finest Scottish cashmere or lambs wool. With the most beautiful touch and drape, they're also resilient enough to last a lifetime.

Unmistakably unique, our divine blanket brings a gentle and calming touch to bedtime, which is exactly what every toddler needs. The dreamy colours of the night sky, blues, soft whites and warm golden hues, will send little ones into restful sleeps. This gentle blanket is sure to be passed from one generation to the next, bringing security, warmth, love and memories for years to come.

5 Toddler Essentials

Is there anything you wouldn't be without for your toddler?

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