7 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Experience of Being Pregnant

October 05, 2015

7 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Experience of Being Pregnant

The Portland Hospital is a private hospital dedicated to the healthcare of women and children. As the only fully private maternity hospital in the UK, delivering over 1,600 babies a year, The Portland places great emphasis on providing safe and high quality care for expectant mothers.

In today's guest post they're sharing 7 simple ways to enhance your experience of being pregnant...

Being pregnant is one of Mother Nature’s most glorious gifts - but it can get tough at times. By making a few changes to your daily routines and treating yourself every now and then, you can enhance the pregnancy experience for both you and your partner.

1. Record vlogs to chart the major milestones

It is easy to forget your thoughts and feelings during your pregnancy, which is why chronicling them on vlogs is such a great idea. Not only does this give you a chance to get things off your chest, you can show your children these videos in later years. Share your vlogs on social media so your friends and family can share in your pregnancy when they choose, and invite comments that will give you advice - and the chance to meet new friends online.

2. Create a pregnancy scrapbook

Whether you want to keep your pregnancy appointment cards or your scan photos, storing everything in one place is a great way of recording your pregnancy journey for posterity. A scrapbook is not only a fun way to track your pregnancy milestones, it is something that can be stored away safely - so you will always know where everything pregnancy-related is in the future.

7 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Experience of Being Pregnant

 3. Treat yourself to private pregnancy scans

Among the most important milestones in any pregnancy are the essential scans that chart the development of your baby and check for potential problems. If you opt for private pregnancy care, you can ask for 3D scans, videos and a range of different scans that aren’t usually offered to pregnant women. And more importantly, you are assured of a comfortable and private room - which will enhance what is usually a very special moment. The Portland Maternity Hospital offers state-of-the-art private pregnancy scans using the very latest equipment.

4. Get active

Whether you choose Pilates or pre-natal yoga, staying active and enjoying regular exercise will enhance your pregnancy in a number of ways. Not only does exercise get you out of the house, it is a great way to stay fit and strong in readiness for childbirth. You don’t need to hit the gym hard every day, however, as walking or swimming three times a week will keep you in great shape.

5. Keep romance alive

All too often, romance is put on hold during pregnancy. However, keeping the flame of passion burning brightly is a great way of ensuring your partner plays an integral role in your pregnancy. Arrange regular dinner dates and movie nights, and try to be spontaneous with your love at every opportunity. But romance doesn’t necessarily mean making grand gestures and buying expensive gifts - it can simply involve an impromptu show of affection.

7 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Experience of Being Pregnant

 6. Bond with other mothers

Sharing your experiences and time with other mothers at the same stage of pregnancy can make you feel supported and understood during the difficult times. Spending time other mums-to-be will also help you to get tips and advice on how to make the most of being pregnant. Try searching the Internet for support groups and coffee mornings for pregnant women. You will also be able to meet other mothers on various online discussion boards and forums relating to pregnancy.

7. Indulge yourself

Being pregnant is hard work, and during the third trimester in particular, even the simplest of tasks can really take it out of you. So, never be afraid to take the time to simply put your feet up and relax. Treat yourself to spa days or excursions when you feel the need to recharge your batteries, and drop a few hints to your partner, family and friends with regard to your favourite indulgences. However, try not to overeat, as gaining excess weight might make the final stages of your pregnancy harder. During the third trimester, you will probably need an additional 300 calories per day on top of your recommended daily allowance.

7 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Experience of Being PregnantHaving a baby should be a joyous event, but so should the entire pregnancy journey. Just a few changes to your day-to-day routines will help you to make your pregnancy journey an extra special experience.

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