Fancy Dress Fun for Halloween and Beyond

September 30, 2015

Fancy Dress Fun for Halloween and Beyond

Dressing-up is masses of fun for little ones all year round, but Halloween certainly presents a fabulous opportunity to go all out and make the most of the many fancy dress options available here at Gigi Brooks.

Fancy dress isn't just a form of play, it's also a fantastic way for your child to learn, grow and develop. When your little one engages in dress-up play, they're representing themselves as someone else.

They might be a policeman, a baker, a parent or a dog, but by putting on clothes, shoes or a hat, they're using props to act out a role or tell a story. In short, children develop ideas about the world around them when they engage in dramatic dress-up play.

A well stocked dressing-up box will help kick start your child's imagination. Although a spooky theme can be wonderfully fun, we love the idea of using Halloween as the perfect excuse to fill up on costumes that can be enjoyed long after the trick-or-treaters have been and gone.

Fancy Dress Fun for Halloween and Beyond

Our collection of fun, high-quality costumes are all made from superior fabrics, with premium finishing and eye-catching details. They are strong and durable, and have a comfortable and weightless feel that will transform any children’s party into an imaginary world of love, adventure and excitement.

All your little one needs to do is harness the power of their imagination to turn them into anyone or anything, from a king’s champion to a wicked witch!

If you want them to be the centre of attention at their next fancy dress party, then our collection offers endless fun with limitless possibilities.

Fancy Dress Fun for Halloween and Beyond

Whether you're looking for a cute costume for a little baby or fancy dress that'll dazzle an older child, Gigi Brooks has everything you need. Shop the collection now!

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