Why We Love Luxury Heirloom Gifts for Babies and Children

September 21, 2015

Why We Love Luxury Heirloom Gifts for Babies and Children

Childhood is fleeting and babies don't stay babies for very long. In no time at all, the precious moments you share with your little one today will become distant memories that you'll want to cherish forever.

At Gigi Brooks, we keep this in mind as we strive to bring you an expertly curated collection of designer furniture, exquisite interiors and unique gifts. Much of what we offer is designed to last even longer than your child's lifetime. The beauty of a true heirloom piece is that it can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Quality, craftsmanship, great design and unparalleled luxury are the hallmarks of an heirloom gift from Gigi Brooks. Perfect for siblings, cousins and future grandchildren, each memory that is made adds to the legacy of the piece, making it even more special.

Imagine your daughter watching her baby sleep in the same bassinet that once took pride of place in her own nursery. Picture your son dusting off his old rocking horse and proudly lifting his little one aboard. An heirloom gift brings magic to the lives of little ones over and over again.

Here are five of our favourite heirloom gifts for babies and children...

1. A Bespoke Rocking Horse 

This heart-warming range is defined by quality craftsmanship and a personal touch. Each item has been designed and handmade with a genuine passion to create the very best for children to enjoy now and for future generations to cherish. With an unrivalled desire to ensure that each rocking horse epitomises the definition of an heirloom, each step of the design process guarantees complete safety and longevity.

This heirloom piece can also be personally dedicated to the recipient on a beautiful plaque mounted to the front of the rocker. Even when it is handed down through generations, this charming plaque will continue to exude the nostalgia of its previous riders.

Why We Love Luxury Heirloom Gifts for Babies and Children

2. A Luxury Bespoke Highchair

These elegant highchairs perfectly combine the right balance of style and function for little ones to perch upon throughout the years. Their versatile, timeless design means that the chair can be used as a highchair during dinner times as well as a chair for a young child to rest upon while completing exciting projects and assignments.

The piece can also be given a wonderfully personal finish with the option to include a name embroidered on to the chair. A selection of elegant fonts and colours can be chosen, giving each piece an heirloom and cherished quality.

Why We Love Luxury Heirloom Gifts for Babies and Children

3. A Luxury Bassinet by Lulla Smith

A bassinet is not only the perfect interim solution before investing in a crib or cot for your baby, it's also a fabulous heirloom piece that can be used by multiple children before being passed from one generation to the next.

Each of our hand crafted wooden wicker bassinets comes on wheels, cleverly tucked away out of sight under the opulence of the skirt. There is nothing more convenient than having a baby’s bed on wheels for the first few months. Whether to just have the soothing sensation of being pushed back and forth by hand or the ease of being able to wheel baby from room to room without disturbing their slumber, these bassinets will be a parent’s best friend.

Why We Love Luxury Heirloom Gifts for Babies and Children

4. A Bespoke Glider Chair and Ottoman Set

At Gigi Brooks HQ, we consider glider chairs and gliding recliners an essential for the nursery. Our collection is vast, with many different styles, choices of fabrics and shapes, allowing for individual personal tastes. Such a beautiful piece can be used for many, many years. Older children will love curling up in the chair they knew so well as a baby.

What makes our gliders and gliding recliners so special are their movements. They do exactly what their name states; they glide. The motion is smooth, like being on a calm sea with soft waves rolling in under you, causing the soporific effect that sends you instantly into a relaxed state. It has a 360-degree turning radius that prevents ever having to stand up in the midst of  baby feeding or bonding time as it can be turned by the motion of your body alone.

Why We Love Luxury Heirloom Gifts for Babies and Children

5. Bella Notte Sophia Personal Comforter

This sumptuous comforter is divine. The combination of fabrics and colours has us swooning at Gigi Brooks HQ. It manages to be fresh and clean while retaining a warm vintage glamour. Its medley of luscious textures are ideal for snuggling or draping across the bed for a touch of elegance. As an heirloom piece, its classic look will never go out of style and its warmth and familiarity will always bring joy.

Why We Love Luxury Heirloom Gifts for Babies and Children

What do you think of heirloom gifts? Is there anything you treasure from your own childhood?

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