Luxury Designer Moses Baskets at Gigi Brooks

September 16, 2015

Luxury Designer Moses Baskets at Gigi Brooks

At Gigi Brooks, luxury is definitely what we do best and our incredible range of designer moses baskets is no exception!

Although they have a short life span of around three months, moses baskets offer a comfortable sleeping space for baby that allows them to feel incredibly secure and cocooned. They are also extremely convenient for moving newborns from room to room.

A luxury moses basket is not only the perfect interim solution before investing in a crib or cot for your baby, it's also a fabulous heirloom piece that can be used by multiple children before being passed from one generation to the next.

A moses basket from Gigi Brooks can be finished in a variety of beautiful fabrics and colours. All of our couture baby linens are created from the most luxurious cottons, purest laundered Irish linens, opulent silk velvets and sumptuous silks, gently hand-cut and hand-stitched to the highest standards.

With choices ranging from durable cotton and seersucker to stunning dupioni silk and silk velvet, the possibilities are endless! Whether you want a classic moses basket with a beautiful full skirt or a more modern, streamlined look without, our expert team can provide samples and guidance to help you create a beautiful place for your baby to sleep.

To begin your search for the perfect designer moses basket, here are five of our favourites...

1. Lulla Smith Alice Moses Basket

Our exquisite Alice luxury moses basket is beautifully lined and bordered with silk velvet and dupioni silk linens. A gently gathered skirt, two full side bows and piping in dupioni silk create a lovely, luscious sleeping place for baby.

Lulla Smith Alice Moses Basket

2. Lulla Smith Sabine Moses Basket

Our lovely silk velvet Sabine moses basket with its' two full dupioni silk side bows and dupioni silk border eludes a regal yet casual and warm look. Sumptuous and understated opulence in three stunning, softer than soft, fabrics.

Lulla Smith Sabine Moses Basket

3. Lulla Smith Belle Bows Moses Basket

The Belle Bows moses basket is constructed of two layers. The first is pure dupioni silk in baby pink and the outer layer is sheer ivory silk organza embellished with three dimensional French knotted blossoms of silky embroidery in shades of pink, ivory and green. It features a sumptuous decorative bow on each side of the basket for a stunning finishing touch.

Lulla Smith Belle Bows Moses Basket

4. Lulla Smith Athenia Moses Basket

Simplicity at it's most elegant! This skirtless luxury moses basket features a beautiful pure Irish linen bumper and ties. The Athenia is available in any of our laundered linen colours

Luxury Designer Moses Baskets at Gigi Brooks

5. Pili Carrera Violin Moses Basket and Stand

With its soft, clean colour palette, delicate embroidery, gentle ruching and gathers, our Violin moses basket epitomises newborn baby innocence. This luxury moses basket with stand offers the additional option of adding height to baby's sleeping space

Luxury Designer Moses Baskets at Gigi Brooks

Shop our full range of luxury moses baskets here. Which is your favourite?

Don't forget, we're currently offering a complimentary Luxury Gift Box worth £500 with all furniture orders over £5000.

The Gigi Brooks team would be happy to assist you in creating the perfect look for your baby's moses basket. Read more about our Bespoke Service, contact the Customer Services team on +44 (0)1507 608 251 or email

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