Inspiring Mums - Olivia Siegl of The Baby Bible

August 24, 2015

Inspiring Mums - Olivia Siegl of The Baby Bible

The idea for The Baby Bible was born from Olivia Siegl's personal battle with Postnatal Depression.

'I was diagnosed with PND when my first little girl was 6 months old. It dawned on me that PND was not the only area of motherhood that isn't openly spoken about in non-judgemental terms. I began writing about all these areas, setting up a blog, Facebook group and starting a book that has gone on to capture the imagination of mums in the UK and abroad. It's been billed as the new movement in Motherhood - Supporting ALL Mums NO Judgement!'

We recently sat down with Olivia to find out more about spearheading this fascinating new movement while also raising her two 'Tiny Humans'...

'I am a mum to two gorgeous, strong minded little ladies and wife to an equally gorgeous hubby and my favourite wine drinking buddy! With two small children and working from home, bedlam is my new norm but on the flipside it provides me with lots of new “in the moment” material for the blog, book and commissioned feature ideas.'

Inspiring Mums - Olivia Siegl of The Baby Bible'On a good day, it all starts at 6:30am when the little ones scream for their breakfast. There then ensues a morning of battles to get them breakfasted, bums changed and dressed. Oh, and if I’m lucky it also involves me having some form of shower! If it's a “work day” then my mum comes over to help so I can crack on with whatever ideas have come to me during one of the night feeds or park tantrums!'

'I literally binge work as I only get a couple of child free days a week and the rest has to be taken care of during nap times or after they have gone to bed. To be honest, between the children and The Baby Bible work it's all a bit of a blur at the moment!'

Olivia finds blogging to be a fantastic form of therapy and loves chatting about whatever mummy chaos is happening at the time.

'The thing I love most is getting to know all the women who read my blog. Writing is a passion of mine and getting to write about something I love (being a mum to two Tiny Humans) and connecting with lots of awesome mums is just amazing.'

Juggling motherhood with freelance work and the day-to-day running The Baby Bible is a huge challenge and Olivia admits life can get quite hectic.

'It is total chaos trying to juggle everything and, if I’m honest, I’ve realised that no matter what anyone tells you or the advice you read you always feel like you are dropping the ball somewhere. And you know what? It’s OK! It’s OK not to be on top of everything and it's OK not to be excelling at all the things on your list. The main thing is that you and your Tiny Humans are well and happy and that you are giving yourself enough time to actually enjoy being a mum.'

Inspiring Mums - Olivia Siegl of The Baby Bible'As soon as I realised this, I managed to juggle the things that were most important - the rest I’m still working on and trying not to beat myself up about on an hourly basis!'

Olivia would advise women who want to return to work after starting a family to be kind to themselves.

'Us mums are constantly wracked with guilt over something we feel we should or shouldn’t be doing in the land of motherhood. We often put ourselves and our own needs last. It’s so difficult to change this (believe me I am still trying), however, be nice to yourself, realise you are doing a fantastic job and that you are an amazing mum!'

There's a lot Olivia loves about motherhood, but it's the moments that catch her off guard that really make her heart soar.

'From impromptu little kisses covered in dribble, my 2 and a half year old daughter wanting me to hold her hand on a long car journey (or any car journey come to think of it), and baby belly laughs that just melt your heart and make you laugh no matter how tired you are. My biggest challenge has been fighting my own personal battle with Postnatal Depression and trying to find the strength to beat it on the darkest of days.'

If she could go back in time and give her pregnant self one piece of advice, Olivia would tell herself to get plenty or rest.

'Sleep, sleep, sleep, whenever you can! Read magazines, leave the house with no bag, eat that piece of cake, go easy on yourself and most importantly stop worrying - you are going to be a fantastic mum!'

A very sensible suggestion! You can connect with Olivia via Facebook and twitter or join the secret Facebook group by emailing

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