How to Have a Relaxing Holiday that Kids Can Enjoy Too

May 26, 2015

How to Have a Relaxing Holiday that Kids Can Enjoy Too

Here at Gigi Brooks we believe children are the most precious people in the world, but we also think mums and dads need a break every now and then!

Experience has told us that it is possible to jet off with your little ones and get a little R&R at the same time, it just requires a bit more planning and preparation than it did before.

Read on to discover how to have a relaxing holiday that kids can enjoy too...

1. Do your research

Before children, it was probably enough to simply read a few hotel reviews and book accordingly, but once you've got little ones to consider you need to dig deeper. Research your chosen location carefully, making sure there are plenty of child friendly places to visit as well as a beautiful hotel that will make them feel welcome.

2. Get the kids involved

Children love to feel as if they're part of things from the very beginning. Why not let them pick a destination or choose from a short-list of potential hotels. Older children can even flick through a travel guide and select landmarks or attractions they would like to visit.

3. Pack the right gear

A great way to ensure a stress-free holiday is to make sure you have absolutely everything the kids need while they're away. Remember to bring a few toys and games to keep them occupied, as well as things that will bring them comfort on long journeys in unfamiliar places. This post about Travelling with Small Children is full of useful advice and our Travel & Luggage department is overflowing with products designed to make your trip simple and stylish too.

How to Have a Relaxing Holiday that Kids Can Enjoy Too

4. Be prepared to relax your usual routine

Deciding to go with the flow will do wonders for your mood while you're away. Baby might nap a little longer after a morning spent in the pool or dinner might happen much later than the children are used to, but choosing not to worry about these things will ensure everyone can focus on enjoying themselves.

5. Leave it up to the professionals

If all else fails, we suggest heading to a luxury family resort that offers a crèche facility. This way, the children are guaranteed to love their holiday as much as you will, as a team of experts will ensure they have everything they need. Powder Byrne have been delivering personalised holidays since 1985, with a focus on the highest quality, flexibility and service. Your little ones are in for a treat at a friendly PB Crèche, overseen by highly experienced and engaging nannies. Find out more about this exclusive service here.

Will you be holidaying with your kids this year? Do you have any advice to add?

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