Designer Details - Antonio De Bonis of Natart

May 18, 2015

Designer Details - Antonio De Bonis of Natart

Natart debuted in Rome, Italy in 1988 with the clear goal of supplying high-end furniture to the best boutiques around the world. A small family-owned business, they moved their production facility to Quebec, Canada in 1995 in order to gain better access to solid wood and a trained workforce.

Subsequently in 2001, a juvenile division was launched, establishing the beautiful range of traditional children's furniture that we're proud to offer our clients here at Gigi Brooks.

With an overall aesthetic heavily influenced by Neoclassical, Renaissance and Provencal style, Natart is a truly spectacular choice for your little one's bedroom or nursery.

We spoke with the company's President, Antonio De Bonis, to learn more about the brand and the man behind its success...

Designer Details - Antonio De Bonis of Natart

What do you love most about designing nursery furniture?

'The process of building the first real scale sample after months of theory drawings and planning. It is like a new creature being born and joining the rest of the family, our existing collections.'

What influence does the brand’s Italian roots have on the look and feel of its products?

'Without doubt, the look of our furniture is enhancing several architectural details that are featured in Italian villas, Palazzis, Museums, etc. Our furniture also has an incredibly long-lasting feel, just like ancient pieces of Italian art.'

What inspires your designs?

'Canada has an excellent multicultural mix. We're inspired by the social, cultural and demographic background of several groups of people.'

Tell us a bit about the design process, from initial idea to finished product?

'We start with the desire to fill a gap in the market in terms of style, then we determine one main element that will confer a distinguished look to the collection. After that we work on the functionality of every piece and their proportions. At the very end we are selecting handles and colours.'

What’s special about the products in the Natart collection?  What sets them apart from other items on the market?

'The heavy use of solid wood, the non-toxicity of our varnish and painting process, the dovetail drawers construction and the safety of every piece, as well as our attractive, distinctive designs and the emphasis on convertibility.'

Designer Details - Antonio De Bonis of Natart

What three things make you happy on a daily basis?

'My two daughters and my wife, customers' appreciation and the involvement and commitment of our employees.'

Designed to the highest quality and safety standards, using only the best birch, beech or solid oak wood, all Natart products are guaranteed to have extremely low levels of volatile organic compounds and other potentially harmful chemicals. All finishes are lead-free and non-toxic and each piece of furniture has a full bottom dust cover which prevents any possible dust entry.

From the dedication poured into each piece, it's clear to see that the ethos behind this stunning collection is the belief that your child is not just the most important person in your world; they are the most important person in the world.

Shop the full Natart collection here and be sure to get in touch if you require any assistance or interior design advice.

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