How to Transform Your Child's Room with Wall Stickers

May 05, 2015

How to Transform Your Child's Room with Wall Stickers

Wall stickers provide a simple, stylish way to transform any space. Offered in a wide range of colours and designs, you can let your imagination run free.

Creating instant impact and easy to install, read on to discover how to use these clever decorative accessories to makeover your child's room...

Rather than investing in an overall theme that your child might grow out of, wall stickers are a great way to incorporate their favourite things in an easily interchangeable way.

For example, if your child becomes interested in a certain sport as they get older, simply take down one wall sticker and replace it with something that reflects their newfound passion. He Shoots, He Scores! Vinyl Wall Decal would be great for a young football fan!

How to Transform Your Child's Room with Wall Stickers

We think it's important that children are permitted to express their personalities in their bedroom as it's often the only room in the house where they're able to do so. Adding a chalkboard decal will give them a creative space to showcase their artistic flair.

Alternatively, let your child feel as if they're decorating their own room by involving them in the placement of smaller stickers like our I Dream of Butterflies Vinyl Wall Decal.

 A child’s bedroom should be educational as well as entertaining. For younger children, our Fun with ABC Vinyl Wall Decal can be used to help them learn the alphabet in a colourful and engaging way. Similarly, a personalised wall sticker could have your child spelling their name perfectly in no time!

How to Transform Your Child's Room with Wall Stickers

Think of wall stickers as a way to inspire your child. Whether you want to instil a love of travel with an Enchanted Paris Decal or encourage a little make believe with our Lipstick Powder and Paint Beauty Salon Decal, there's something in our wide range of wall stickers to complement every theme and colour palette. Let their imaginations roam free!

At Gigi Brooks, our decals aren't just for walls. No surface is out of bounds! This Hopscotch Floor Decal is a favourite here at HQ and would be absolutely perfect in a playroom!

How to Transform Your Child's Room with Wall Stickers

Overall, wall stickers are a delightful decorative accent with the power to add an individual, imaginative flash of creativity to any room. Explore our extensive range here.

What do you think of wall stickers? Which design would your little one love?

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