How to Choose a Look or Theme for Your Child's Bedroom or Nursery

April 22, 2015

How to Choose a Look or Theme for Your Child's Bedroom or Nursery

As experts in children's interior design, the team at Gigi Brooks HQ are brimming with useful information and advice about how to choose a look or theme for your child's bedroom or nursery.

We believe style has no age limits and we're passionate about creating truly magical spaces for babies and children.

As facilitators of every look and theme you can imagine, at Gigi Brooks we work with our clients to determine their preferences and present pieces in-keeping with their refined sense of taste and style. Whether you want to make a bold statement or would prefer something more subtle, we will recommend the perfect pieces to bring your ideas to life.

Here's some invaluable advice from the talented team behind Gigi Brooks Bespoke...

1. You have to begin somewhere

The starting point of any bespoke project will always depend on the room being designed. When creating a nursery, we often advise parents to consider their personal style and treat the space as an extension of their own home whilst adding as many characterful, engaging elements as they would like. Choosing colours that evoke calm and relaxation is always a good idea as it allows new parents to focus on the needs of their baby and the important task of making special memories together.

2. Consider larger items first

Before you even think about the colour of the walls, wallpaper or floor coverings, consider the room's essential items and build the rest of the look around these key pieces. A baby will need somewhere to sleep, feed and be changed, so the crib, nursing chair and dresser are of great importance.

3. Choose something that will last

We always encourage clients to consider the longevity of the pieces they're purchasing. For example, a crib with a conversion kit for a toddler bed, and in some cases a full bed, will guarantee use for a long time. Mum will spend many hours nursing or relaxing with baby in the nursery, so investing in a comfortable chair will make this time so much more enjoyable. We recommend a glider, rather than a traditional rocking chair, as the motion is so smooth. With so many fabric options to customise the piece, it can be used as a luxurious lounging chair when no longer needed in the nursery. Similarly, our baby changing stations are almost always used as dressers once the baby is too old to be changed at a table.

How to Choose a Look or Theme for Your Child's Bedroom or Nursery

4. Children mature quickly

Bear in mind that a child is likely to outgrow a characterful, whimsical theme more quickly. We love collaborating with our clients on heirloom pieces and we can work closely with you on your chosen aesthetic to create something timeless. Subtle details, such as woodland characters used on the handles for furniture and in the room's accessories, are relatively simple to change as the child grows. Alternatively, we can heavily theme a room with bespoke painted furniture and wall murals. This can then be updated with new designs or a more grown-up feel as the child grows, while the original pieces can be stored away for future siblings or the next generation!

5. Spacial planning

For nurseries, it's vital to carefully consider the layout of the room. A crib should be positioned away from windows and heaters to ensure the temperature can be regulated, wall decorations and anything hanging loose in the room should also be kept away from the crib for safety.

6. Let your child's personality shine through

With children in particular, we believe it is important that they are permitted to express their personalities in their bedroom as this is often the only room in the house where they are able to do so. A child’s bedroom should be entertaining and educational. For example, adding a chalkboard wall or vinyl decal gives them a creative space to showcase their artistic flair. Working with them to design a custom bookcase and reading space will guarantee they are excited to choose their favourite books from a young age.

How to Choose a Look or Theme for Your Child's Bedroom or Nursery

Clients come to Gigi Brooks because they want to create magical, beautifully made bespoke nurseries, children’s bedrooms or play areas. We relish the opportunity to bring to life a vision that seems impossible. Pictures in this post are a carefully curated collection of inspiration that provides the merest hint of what we're capable of at Gigi Brooks HQ.

To enquire about a bespoke project, no matter how big or small, please call our the Gigi Brooks Customer Services team on +44 (0)1507 608 251 or email and start turning your fantasies into reality.

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