Inspiring Mums - Leonora Bamford of My Baba

February 23, 2015

Inspiring Mums - Leonora Bamford of My Baba

Like many women, Leonora Bamford soon turned to Google after discovering she was pregnant with her first child. Researching ‘pregnancy’ and other related subjects, she found herself completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information on offer. As she continued on her journey into motherhood, she found the most useful advice usually came from friends, family and professionals who had been through the same experience, a fact which eventually formed the basis of her hugely inspiring and successful blog, My Baba.

'I was one of the first of my friends to have children,' she told us. 'My husband was tired of me answering the same questions day in and day out on things like buggies and maternity fashion. He told me to put it on a blog, and hey presto! That's what happened. We're so lucky to now have such a huge group of wonderful bloggers and experts contributing on a daily basis.'

Founded three years ago, My Baba aims to help women with their decisions; to help to cut through the great mass of information available and simplifying things that SHOULD be simple. As Leonora herself says, 'motherhood should be a joy….choosing a pram should not make you feel that you are on the edge of a breakdown!'

Leonora described her own family as very close. 'I come from three siblings on my side, as does my husband,' she explained. 'We’re lucky enough to have two gorgeous children, a boy and a girl, and two loving Labradors.'

Inspiring Mums - Leonora Bamford of My Baba

Despite running her own business, Leonora's average working day sounds reassuringly familiar, if a little frenetic.

'I seem to set my alarm earlier and earlier these days, 6 o'clock I jump out of bed and do 10 minutes speed yoga. I have a bath and watch a bit of the news while I chat to my husband about the day ahead. I get the kids up, and ready for school, breakfast is on the table by 7.30am, and we're out the door by 8am on the dot. School drop, dash for the bus, and get to the office before 9am. We've got so much exciting stuff going on at My Baba, and we've just moved into our new Mayfair office. We always have interesting companies coming through the door, and I never know quite what to expect at the beginning of the day! I love that I work in the same building as my husband, because we often get half an hour to catch up over a quick lunch.'

After finishing at the office, Leonora rushes home for the school pick-up and then it's time to oversee homework, feed the kids, feed the dogs, bath and bed.

'The children are great sleepers and they're always in bed by 7pm after a bedtime story. My husband runs home from work, and then we usually have the evening to ourselves. Rush, rush, rush!'

When it comes to juggling motherhood with a career, Leonora is quick to point out how important it is to surround yourself with the right kind of people.

'I have a really great team around me, and my Assistant Editor, Ellie, takes a lot of the load. I'm lucky to run my own business, so that means that the important things at home never have to be missed.

By her own admission, Leonora loves everything about motherhood, even the bad bits!

'When you look at a little person that reminds you of yourself when you were that age, it's a pretty amazing thing. There are challenges every day, but as my mother always says, you do the best that you can.'

Considering she's created an online resource filled with indispensible information for mothers everywhere, the advice Leonora would travel back in time to give her pregnant self is refreshingly simple...

'Sleep more!'

Take heed expectant mums!

Inspiring Mums - Leonora Bamford of My Baba

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