Gigi Loves - Blabla Knitted Dolls

February 04, 2015

Gigi Loves - Blabla Knitted Dolls

The 'Gigi Loves' seal of approval is reserved for items held in particularly high regard by the expert team at Gigi Brooks HQ. These are the things you'll find in our homes and the products we would recommend to friends. Today we're sharing our super cool and cuddly collection of Blabla knitted dolls. Handmade using natural fibres, they're soft, cute and oh-so-huggable!

Designed to capture the imagination of children everywhere, Blabla dolls make perfect companions at playtime, naptime, bedtime... anytime!

There are countless characters to choose from, with friendly kittens, cheeky monkeys and even a unicorn or two! We have a soft spot for Wooly at Gigi Brooks HQ, but we couldn't possibly pick a favourite. We adore the contemporary design of each and every Blabla doll, as well as the fact they're handmade from the softest cotton with a strong polyester fibre filling that keeps them tough no matter where they go. Each character is cuddly, loveable and perfect for all ages.

With the majority of designs available in a choice of either Mini 12 inch or Regular 18 inch, we also offer a number of giant Blabla dolls that are exclusive to Gigi Brooks in the UK. Regulated under Fair Trade conditions to guarantee they are filled with love, these knitted dolls are great as a gift. Whether your little one is swinging through exotic rainforests, searching the high seas for hidden treasure or blasting off into outer space, there's a Blabla doll that will quickly become their very best companion.

Gigi Loves BlaBla Knitted Dolls

Browse the full collection of dolls as well as a fabulous range of Blabla bedding, blankets, pillows, puppets and rattles here.

Which character do you think your little one would like to make friends with?

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