How to Make Your Home Cosy for Kids

January 26, 2015

How to Make Your Home Cosy for Kids

With freezing temperatures outside, we've been hunkering down and doing our best to keep warm at Gigi Brooks HQ. As we huddled beneath layer upon layer of knitwear, longing for a warm mug of hot chocolate and a roaring log fire, we started thinking about our most sumptuous products and all the ways they can be used to create a cosy home for kids. Here are our top tips for creating a haven of comfort and warmth in your own home...

1. Mix and Match

Combining a variety of fabrics and textures will have a massive impact on the look and feel of your home. Bedding is a great place to start. Seek out silk, velvet, cashmere and the purest cottons you can find to dress your bed with layers of luxury.

2. Drapes

Keep large throws, blankets and cushions to hand. Drape them across furniture and consider keeping a stash in every room that might be used for relaxing. Neatly rolled and stored in a basket or blanket box, the kids will love having them within easy reach.

3. Toasty Feet

Add texture underfoot. A super soft rug will create warmth and a striking design will add interest to a plain floor.

4. Create an Atmosphere

Invest in just the right ambient lighting. Try bulbs with amber or pink tones to create an inviting glow that never feels harsh.

5. Be brave with your choice of colour scheme

Although many tend to favour light, bright interiors, rich colours like plum, navy and charcoal grey will instantly create a cosy atmosphere and a feeling of warmth.

How to Make Your Home Cosy for Kids

Because we can't bear to think of your little ones catching a chill, we made sure we included lots of cosy blankets, wraps and throws in our January Sale. You'll find comforters made from super soft minky, eco-friendly bamboo for swaddling your baby and lots, lots more! Use the code JANUARY10 for 10% off everything in this incredible collection.

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