Beautiful Baby Sleeping Bags

November 03, 2014

Beautiful Baby Sleeping Bags

Here we are heading into November and there's definitely a sudden nip in the air at Gigi Brooks HQ. As a result, you'll find us digging out our winter woollens and dreaming of warm mugs of hot chocolate while we work away at our desks. Keeping your little kids cosy is one of our top priorities, and we've curated an incredible range of products designed to do just that.

At this time of year, wriggly infants often escape from beneath their blankets at night, quickly feeling a chill that threatens to wake them from their precious slumber. Our beautiful baby sleeping bags are the ideal solution to this age old problem, ensuring your little one is cocooned and covered up, no matter how much they move during the night.

Crafted in France using the finest materials, the entire collection is fashioned from pure cotton with a polyester lining that provides feather-soft comfort and warmth. The themes and motifs adorning the range are designed with passion, an eye for detail and an air of gaiety. Whether you favour pretty pastel flowers, twinkling stars or a tiny teddy and its paw prints, each creation expresses the sweetness of life, the poetry of childhood and the joy of shared moments.

Beautiful Baby Sleeping Bags

Baby will look so sweet and serene tucked up in their sleeping bag, you'll catch yourself wishing you could climb in for a cuddle! Adored by little ones and parents alike, you can browse the full collection here.

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