Toasty Toes with Mocassin Slipper Shoes

October 15, 2014

Toasty Toes with Mocassin Slipper Shoes

At Gigi Brooks HQ, those of us with children have been forced to endure an all too familiar cry from our kids recently.

'Mummy, daddy, my toes are cold!'

They've got a point, we've felt it too. Plummeting temperatures have definitely had us reaching for all things cosy and comfortable in recent weeks. While we're more than happy to huddle beneath a blanket, little ones don't slow down just because it's a little chilly, which leaves us wondering how to keep their tiny toes toasty and warm while they frolic and play?

Luckily, we have a fashion forward collection of moccasins at our disposal! Inspired by traditional Swedish designs, these charming slipper shoes combine a knitted sock, durable sole and colourful stitching to form a practical, well-crafted piece.

Designed to allow the foot to breath, move freely and dictate the shape and fit of this intelligent shoe, they also feature a non-slip sole, making them perfect for spirited and energetic wearers! Better still, the soft, flexible area covering the foot and ankle is also ideal for the natural development of foot arches and muscles, an approach recommended by health professionals.

Toasty Toes with Mocassin Slipper Shoes

Available in an array of colourful, cute designs and a multitude of sizes for tiny toes, these slippers are fully machine washable. The clever double elastic around the ankle also ensures the moccasin stays on the foot, not the floor.

We think this beautiful and inspiring footwear collection will walk its way into your heart as well as your child's wardrobe. Browse the full range here.

How have you been keeping toasty and warm with your children?

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