Gigi Loves - Light Brown Bunny Cushion

October 08, 2014

Gigi Loves - Light Brown Bunny Cushion

The 'Gigi Loves' seal of approval is reserved for items held in particularly high regard by the expert team at Gigi Brooks HQ. These are the things you'll find in our homes and the products we would recommend to family and friends. In this ongoing series, we'll not only share top picks from our collection, but offer you insight into the refined taste and style synonymous with the Gigi Brooks' brand.

As we can't stop thinking about all things cosy here at Gigi Brooks HQ, it seems sensible to share a soft and sumptuous cushion with you all. Our Light Brown Bunny is one rabbit who will never shed hair on the sofa, nibble at your wires or leave chocolate raisins on the carpet! He is loyal, quiet, and above all, the cuddliest bunny around.

For all those parents who have vowed never to let their children keep a pet, we now have these adorable knitted pillows! Whether your children want a companion for play or a friend to huddle and cuddle at the end of a long day, these guys will give them all the love and attention they need.

Exclusive to Gigi Brooks in the UK, our Light Brown Bunny cushion is part of a wider collection of critters which you can see in full here. For more luxurious pieces designed to add softness and warmth to your child's bedroom, be sure to take a look at our Bedding Accessories department.

Gigi Loves - Light Brown Bunny Cushion

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