Inspiring Mums - Leah Wood

September 23, 2014

Inspiring Mums - Leah Wood

British model and singer Leah Wood, daughter of Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood and his former wife Jo, had an eventful summer welcoming her second child to the world, a little boy named Otis. Busy caring for her newborn son and five year old daughter, Maggie, Leah described her first summer as a mum of two as quite 'full on'.

'The transition from one child to two children has been an experience, I have to say! I think now, after three months, I'm finally OK with it all. It’s very testing and sometimes you just have to say 'let it go!' because you cannot control everything. I wouldn’t change it for the world though. I absolutely adore being a mum'

'Now the summer holidays are over and Maggie is back at school, I have a little more time for myself. On a typical day, yoga plays a big role and I enjoy spending time with, and really concentrating on, Otis. I'd like to find a few play days which include music for him at the local library, and maybe meet a few more bonnie babies around his age.'

During her pregnancy, Leah, her husband Jack, and Maggie moved into a new home. To begin with, the couple felt Otis's nursery really wasn't looking its best.

'I had a cot from when Maggie was little, but some of the nuts and bolts had gone missing so I had to improvise to keep it from falling apart! Luckily, I saw a beautiful comforter from Gigi Brooks in a magazine and after tweeting them to say how lovely it was, we were soon speaking on the phone and organising for them to come and dress the nursery.'

Inspiring Mums - Leah Wood

'The room is perfect now. I hope the sweet paintings on the Through The Woods furniture will fill Otis's little head with magic for years and years to come. Who knows, he might even be the next Beatrix Potter!'

Leah acknowledges motherhood can be challenging, but ultimately loves every moment spent with her two children.

'I’d forgotten the late nights! Getting up to make fresh bottles and feed Otis and then waking up in the morning and having to be ready for the day with Maggie wanting to do this and go there. Frankly, now I just say 'Not until my morning coffee has kicked in!'

'I enjoy being there for them though, and I love the connection I have with them both. It’s wonderful to know that I made them and they came from me. They are part of me, and watching them grow up will forever be entertaining. I know there will never be a dull moment! I look forward to growing old with them.'

Inspiring Mums - Leah Wood

If she could go back in time and give her pregnant self one piece of advice, Leah would warn against worrying too much.

'It all comes together in the end. Whether it is work, what you plan for dinner, your body shape that inevitably gets bigger... whatever it is, just stop, breathe, and smile, because we are doing an amazing thing, growing body parts, eyes, hands, feet, a brain! Just 'be'.'

Inspiring Mums - Leah Wood

Wise words indeed. You can see more of Otis's stunning Gigi Brooks' nursery as featured in Hello! here.

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