Simple Tips for Baking with Children

September 17, 2014

Simple Tips for Baking with Children

With another series of The Great British Bake Off currently gracing our television screens, cake seems to be at the forefront of our minds here at Gigi Brooks HQ. While the nation is in the throes of another baking frenzy, and inspired by our colourful collection of cooking and baking accessories, we've pulled together some useful advice for those of you that are keen to head into the kitchen with your little ones.

Baking really is a wonderful way to nurture your child's creativity. It's lots of fun, and better still, you'll be rewarded with a sweet treat at the end! Here are our simple tips for baking with children...

You cannot rush

Patience is key when baking with kids. If you're confident in the kitchen it can be hard to switch gears and slow down, but your children will benefit from a relaxed approach that allows them to fully grasp the skills they need.

Pick the right recipe

While it's important to keep things fairly basic at first, whatever excites your child usually represents a good choice. Because biscuits are eternally popular, we offer a fabulous range of exciting cookie cutters. Muffins are also ideal as the batter is lumpy and barely combined by design. Why not try popping them in our Simply Sweet Tooth-Shaped Cupcake Holders to up the fun factor even more?

Simple Tips for Baking with Children

A fun learning enviorment

Although it's supposed to be fun, there's no reason not to form good habits. Be sure to explain the importance of reading through the recipe, washing hands and putting on aprons.

Supervise and direct

Assigning tasks your children can successfully complete. If you have more than one child, avoid arguments by giving each of them something different to do!

Expect mess and imperfection!

Remember that making mistakes is a vital part of learning.

Simple Tips for Baking with Children

You can find more ways to introduce fun and games in the kitchen here and BBC Goodfood has a great collection of recipes curated with kids in mind. Happy baking!

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