Midweek Playdate - Playhouses

September 03, 2014

Midweek Playdate - Playhouses

When it comes to keeping the kids entertained, September can be a tricky month. While some days will be warm and dry enough for outdoor adventures, others only lend themselves to staying tucked up inside, out of the wind and rain.

The beauty of a playhouse is that it's perfect for both. You can leave it outside on the lawn or let your little ones bring their game of make believe into the home. Either way, they're guaranteed to have lots of fun!

Every child needs that special place; a unique space inside which they can let their imaginations run free. Our collection of fabric playhouses gives them exactly that. They can travel to distant lands or create a home. It's a place to dream, learn and grow. Made from 100% pure cotton, our playhouses are great for little ones who like to let their imagination run wild!

There's no telling what elaborate games your child will play with a toy like this. From the pretty pink Ballet School Playhouse to the gorgeous Garage, the themes attached to each design are merely a starting point. Playhouses are great places to prepare imaginary meals, make up stories, play with puzzles, read books and simply sit and dream. It's wonderful to watch your child make up their own mind about which games to play.

Midweek Playdate - Playhouses

It rarely takes children very long to fill a playhouse with other toys and games, which is why we also offer a collection of complementary accessories to help corral their bits and bobs while bringing even more magic and charm to the space. Our soft, sumptuous quilts will transform the playhouse into a place they never want to leave!

You can browse the full collection here. Happy playing!

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