August Favourites

September 01, 2014

August Favourites

They say August is summer's sunset, and with the sudden and dramatic change in weather we're currently experiencing it definitely feels like autumn is on the way. At Gigi Brooks HQ we've got that glorious back to school feeling where everything seems exciting and full of promise at the start of a new season! Life is only going to get busier as we career towards the end of the year and the team is excited to see what's in store {literally} over the next few months.

Here's a quick snapshot of things that kept us smiling during the last days of summer...

Ali Lovegrove {Operations Director} - 'This month I treated my niece, Violet, to our Tranquil Turtle Night Light and she loves it. She squeals with delight when she sees it light up the ceiling and adores going under the duvet with it to see the shapes. As it plays the sound of waves or music she constantly changes her mind between the two, but she seems to prefer the waves most at the moment. My 21 year old sister also loves it and if it wasn't for Violet being so fond of it she'd be taking it to London with her when she moves there today!'

Franky Shanahan {Social Media Manager} - 'Baking is one of my favourite pastimes and this month I finally had time to trial a recipe I've kept stashed away for a while. My Peaches & Cream Salted Caramel Layer Cake turned out so well I can't wait to make it again. I think I'll try putting a more autumnal spin on things next time by substituting plums for the peaches. The only trouble is, even just thinking about it gives me a serious craving for cake!'

August Favourites

What have you been loving this month?

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