Back To School Checklist

August 18, 2014

Back To School Checklist

With September rapidly approaching, we've been preparing for the busy Back To School season here at Gigi Brooks HQ. While we can't help with the obligatory uniform shopping, we've worked hard to pull together an incredible collection of unique school accessories that will ensure your child is the coolest pupil in the playground!

Thoughtfully curated with both brilliance and functionality at the forefront, today we're sharing the ultimate Back To School checklist, filled with fun favourites for smart kids who want pieces that reflect both their style and individualism.


Priscillla the Pooch and Olivia the Octopus are just two of the many vibrant designs in our extensive collection of backpacks. Available in both large and small sizes, there's a colourful character to please every child. From Danny the Dinosaur to Lucy the Ladybug, each bag is created using durable, easy to clean laminated canvas, meaning the backpack will remain in good condition as exciting adventures unfold, both inside and outside of school. The interior features a smaller zipped pocket to keep extra special items secure, while the padded back panels and shoulder straps ensure ultimate comfort for your child.

The distinctive Spiketus range is seriously funky while something from the Super Student by Day, Superhero after School Bell collection is guaranteed to have your little one raring to race out the door every morning. With its built in water resistant hood, the Ninja Hoodie Backpack is a particular favourite at Gigi Brooks HQ. We just love the way budding warriors can stay super cool and super dry while their ninja essentials are protected too. The bag even holds a 13'' laptop or tablet, as well as that all important, top secret after school snack!

If your little one is interested in planes, trains and automobiles, how about this sweet Motorbus Backpack? The distinctive retro design is practical too, with sturdy, adjustable shoulder straps and a handy front storage pocket. Stud detailing on the base prevents damage or staining while the leather handle is perfect for hanging on a peg when your little one is busy being studious. It also co-ordinates beautifully with other pieces from the Motorbus collection, like this fabulous pencil case.

Back To School Checklist

Lunch Box

We see no reason why lunch shouldn't be luxurious, especially once your child is eating in a packed dinner hall away from home. Our Blue Car and Pink Daisy Snack Bags offer an elegant way to carry the yummy goodies they'll need to see them through the long school day. The single compartment is water-resistant and easily washable, so little crumbs and spills pose no threat.

If you're looking for a little more sass, try our colourful Chloe the Owl Lunch Box or the rock star cool Rex Nibbler Lunch Bag in Whirlpool Blue. Both are insulated to keep drinks and sandwiches fresh.

Back To School Checklist

Water Bottle

Hydration is vital for effective learning, so ensuring your child has plenty to drink throughout the school day is a top priority. Our Drink Cans are a new and exciting take on this playground essential. Their impressive construction uses vacuum insulation to ensure drinks stay hot or cold for hours, with each can holding 280ml, making it the same size as a soda can. Crafted from stainless steel, a removable cap with a sippy straw opening makes beverage time the best time!

Back To School Checklist


Stocking your child's pencil case ready for the brand new school term is a serious business, but we can help keep learning fun. Our Stache in a Flash Pencil Set is printed with famous moustaches from the likes of Zorro, Salvador Dali and Clark Gable while a Laser Gun School Ruler or Galaxy Gun Ruler and Protractor is sure to make that double maths lesson a little easier to bear!

Back To School Check List

iPad/Laptop Case

Screen time is a big part of modern learning, so carrying kit and keeping it protected are important. We offer a wide range of fun, colourful cases that effortlessly combine form and function. Your teen will love our WooufAll Laptop Case, Popcorn iPad/Tablet Case, Burger Laptop Case or Cassette iPad/Tablet Case, while Chloe the Owl, Lucy the Ladybug or Danny the Dinosaur iPad/tablet cases are perfect for younger children.

Back To School Checklist

For even more ideas and inspiration, browse our School Time department at your leisure, safe in the knowledge that Gigi Brooks has thought of almost everything. Best of all, you can make sure your kids are kitted out from the comfort of your own home!

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