5 Ways to Help a Child Starting School

August 04, 2014

5 Ways to Help a Child Starting School

Although it's early August and we're still in the throes of a beautiful summer, those of you with children starting school for the first time this year may well be thinking about September already. Today we've drawn on our own experiences as parents to pull together some advice that will hopefully make the move a little easier for you and your children...

1. Preparation

A certain level of independence is expected in Reception. Use the summer to work on tasks your child still needs help with, like buckling shoes, fastening buttons and using the bathroom alone. Being able to do these things confidently can make a big difference once they're in a busy classroom.

2. Story Time

Your child's bedtime story is a great place to start thinking and talking about their transition to 'big school'. Try reading books such as Starting School by Alan Ahlberg, Going to School from the Usborne First Experiences collection or Charlie and Lola's I Am Too Absolutely Small For School by Lauren Child.

3. Dressing Up

It's a good idea to let little ones try their uniform on a few times. Not only will it help them get used to how it feels, it's a great way to spark a conversation, answer their questions and offer reassurance.

4. New Lunch Box

A smart lunch box, snack bag, drink can or backpack will really help up your child's excitement about starting school. Some of our favourites include our Olivia the Octopus Lunch Box, the stylish Apple A Day Snack Bag, our Danny Dino Drink Can and the super fun Classic Cape Backpack.

5 Ways to Help a Child Start School

5. An Adventure Walk

Take advantage of the good weather and stroll past the school gates a few times over the summer. Familiarising your child with the journey will make it seem less overwhelming in September.

As daunting as the transition to primary school can be, it's another exciting milestone in your child's life. Be sure to enjoy every moment and don't forget to take plenty of photos of them looking dapper in their uniform! You can browse more of our fabulous school accessories here.

What advice would you give parents with children starting school this September?

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