Inspiring Mums - Sarah Watts of 2 Little Boys

July 14, 2014

Inspiring Mums - Sarah Watts of 2 Little Boys

Back in 1999, Sarah Watts gave birth to three children in the space of one year. By her own admission, caring for her daughter and identical twin boys was a challenge when they were little, especially as things like a triple pram were incredibly difficult to come by.

'I had to have help,' she told us, 'it would have been impossible to leave the house otherwise!'

Inspired by her ever-growing children, Sarah went on to found 2 Little Boys Ltd, building the business slowly around the needs of her family.

Inspiring Mums - Sarah Watts of 2 Little Boys

'I wanted to be at home caring for the children, but I knew I needed something else too, something for myself. I felt that certain essentials were missing from the range of children's and family products on offer, so I set about making them widely available. As the children spent more time away from home, I increased the hours I spent working on the business. For example, I did my first tradeshow three days after the twins started school! 2 Little Boys is really my fourth baby; I've never had to worry about empty nest syndrome as I've always had something else to nurture.'

As a working mother, Sarah knows how precious time can be, so as well as striving for beautiful design, her award winning products are intended to make life easier and more enjoyable for the whole family.

'My biggest challenge is always the school holidays. For a long time, I was either being a bad businesswoman or a bad mother. I finally realised that I needed to carve out time for one or the other, dedicating all my energy to the task at hand, rather than trying, and failing, to juggle everything at once.'

A typical day for Sarah starts somewhere between 4.30 and 6am, long before her teenage children are awake. She works from an office at home and is joined by her business partner at around 10am. During term time, the kids will often sit with her after school, languishing in the comfy armchairs near her desk. 'They'll chat while I work,' she says, 'and these are some of the best conversations we have. They talk openly as they think I'm only half listening!' Finishing work at around 7pm, Sarah eats with the children while her husband, Paul, gets home from work anytime between 7pm and the early hours. Although the evening could be spent relaxing, Sarah admits this is not her strong suit!

Inspiring Mums - Sarah Watts of 2 Little Boys

As we do every month, we asked Sarah what advice she would give her pregnant self if she could travel back in time.

'I'd highlight the fact that birth isn't really the end. We make labour the goal, but it's just the beginning. In many ways, pregnancy is the easy bit. Giving birth and becoming a mother is the start of a long and amazing journey.'

Inspiring Mums - Sarah Watts of 2 Little Boys

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