Feeding Kids - How to Make Mealtimes Fun

July 07, 2014

Feeding Kids - How to Make Mealtimes Fun

Many of us at Gigi Brooks HQ are parents ourselves, which means we understand the challenges facing those of you with small children. Mealtimes can be contentious, to say the least, so we've compiled a list of helpful advice and top tips that will hopefully make feeding the kids a little easier.

Cook Together

In our experience, children are much more likely to eat a meal if they've played a part in its creation. BBC Good Food has an entire children's cooking section dedicated to recipes that will keep your kids busy in the kitchen.

Family Meal Times

Eating together as a family has a number of benefits. Sharing meals in this way can help improve a child's communication and overall well-being. It provides an opportunity to exchange information and news, as well as give your little ones some extra attention, fostering warmth, security and love. Family mealtimes also allow children to experience appropriate table manners, meal etiquette, and social skills firsthand. There's no need to instruct or criticize - just lead by example.

Keep Kids Entertained

If eating en masse sounds terribly stressful, arm yourself with an array of entertaining distractions for restless children. Our Animal Origami Placemats or Beautiful Canvas Placemats should keep them entertained long enough for you to enjoy at least a little adult conversation!

Feeding Kids - How to Make Mealtimes Fun

Fun and Games

'Don't play with your food' used to be a common cry heard at the dinner table, but these days most parents appreciate that making mealtimes fun often means more is eaten. Something like our Be-Puzzled Crusts Cutter is a great example of this, shaping sandwiches into individual pieces of a puzzle – each with a distinct outline. As well as ensuring your kids fill up on food, it's a great way to encourage them to learn new shapes.

Personal Plates

Presentation is key when you're trying to encourage a reluctant eater, so try and be as inventive as possible when filling their plates or packing lunches for school. Bento Babies by blogger Capture by Lucy is a great starting point if you're looking for inspiration. Our Tasty Tania and Tasty Tony children's plates make it easy to serve up something fun and inviting too.

Feeding Kids - How to Make Mealtimes Fun

Sneaky Fruit and Veg

If all else fails, why not disguise something nutritious so it's impossible to resist? Filling these Nifty Ninja or Brilliant Banana Ice Pop Makers with fruit juice is a refreshing way to up your child's vitamin intake.

Feeding Kids - How to Make Mealtimes Fun

You can find even more ideas to make mealtimes fun here.

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