Gigi Loves - CuddleRide Ride Ons

July 02, 2014

Gigi Loves - CuddleRide Ride Ons

The 'Gigi Loves' seal of approval is reserved for items held in particularly high regard by the expert team at Gigi Brooks HQ. These are the things you'll find in our homes and the products we would recommend to family and friends. In this ongoing series, we'll not only share top picks from our collection, but offer you insight into the refined taste and style synonymous with the Gigi Brooks' brand.

Today we've selected the CuddleRide family. Lovingly hand designed and especially created for Gigi Brooks, this collection of large plush ride on toys comes to you from one of the most exclusive and luxurious couture toy makers in Paris. With over 175 years experience crafting the finest bespoke toys for children, a CuddleRide represents quality and sophistication as well as fun and frolics, a combination we specialise in at Gigi Brooks.

Our CuddleRide family are individually handmade with soft, sumptuous plush material, making them irresistibly cuddly to touch, whilst also keeping little legs protected ride after ride. It will quickly become your child's favourite way of whizzing around the house! The CuddleRides have been thoughtfully assembled with discreet scratch proof black wheels, allowing children to play and ride for hours on end, no matter which room they decide to have their next adventure in. We adore pieces that promise hours of fun and these will undoubtedly keep children thoroughly entertained!

Gigi Loves - CuddleRide Ride Ons

The most taxing part of purchasing a CuddleRide is deciding which delightful animal to bring home for your little one. We shouldn't have favourites, but Cecilia is such an elegant young foal! You can browse the full collection in our Baby Toy department.

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