Midweek Playdate ~ Marvellous Masks

June 25, 2014

Midweek Playdate ~ Marvellous Masks

Today's edition of Midweek Playdate is inspired by these fabulous French Animal Masks. Crafted from ultra strong recycled cardboard, this wonderfully imaginative and eco-friendly collection is much loved at Gigi Brooks’ headquarters!

Printed using solvent-free inks and available in a choice of 4 designs, preparing this toy is a fun activity in its own right. Children who are old enough to handle scissors safely can cut along the dotted line and attach the red ribbon included with each mask.

At Gigi Brooks, we're passionate about toys that allow a child's imagination to truly flourish. It's often the simplest things that send them on the biggest adventures! Here are a few ideas to help you and your little ones make the most of these marvellous masks...

  • There are four masks to choose from; The Tabby Marquise, The Garret Squire, The Striped Buccaneer and the Princess of the Meadows. Why not encourage your children to create a story based on these intriguing characters?
  • Let the kids put on a show! Set up a makeshift theatre in the garden, make and sell some tickets, advertise the performance with colourful hand drawn posters and maybe even cook up some snacks for the audience to enjoy. The masks will make great costumes for the cast.
  • Masks are a great way to encourage role play. Try helping children along in their game by providing an exciting starting point for their imagination. For example, 'The Striped Buccaneer climbed aboard his ship and set sail for...'. It's up to them to decide where he ends up!

Midweek Playdate - Marvellous Masks

As you can see, there's definitely the potential for plenty of giggles while playing with these masks! If they prove popular, be sure to take a look at the other items in our Fancy Dress department.

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