How To Light Your Child's Room

June 16, 2014

How To Light Your Child's Room

Lighting has the power to transform a space, creating that perfect cosy glow for your child's nursery or bedroom. With so many options available, selecting the right pieces can feel overwhelming. Should you go for an opulent chandelier, a simple pendant, or ceiling cap? Do you purchase a standard or table lamp? Perhaps your little one needs a nightlight to keep those dreaded monsters under the bed at bay?

Lighting really can provide the final flourish for your child's room, elevating it from pretty to spectacular at the flick of a switch, but there are practical considerations to be made too. The team at Gigi Brooks HQ have come up with some top tips to help aid the decision making process...

1. Dimmer Switches

Whatever style of lighting you settle on, dimmer switches are a must, especially where new babies are concerned. Harsh, bright light is the last thing you want when creeping in for night feeds or nappy changes, and attempting such tasks in the dark isn't a good idea either! Installing a dimmer gives you complete control over the amount of light in your child's room, but if it really isn't an option, low wattage or frosted bulbs might be the next best thing.

2. Consider The Placing Of Your Lights

Lighting is the ultimate accessory, so don't be afraid to have fun with it. Use it to keep a room in proportion, for example by adding height to other key pieces of furniture. Why not give a space more character by displaying a lamp on a stack of beautiful children's books? Placing a mirror behind a lamp not only looks magical, but it also helps reflect more light around the room. The possibilities are endless, so play around until you get it just right.

How To Light Your Child's Room

3. Get Your Childs Opinion

Mulling over lighting options can be a great way to include your child in the design process, giving them some ownership over the space. Why not let them choose a small lamp or nightlight? In our experience, kids usually take great pride in pieces they've picked out for themselves.

How To Light Your Child's Room

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