Midweek Playdate ~ Beautiful Board Games

June 11, 2014

Midweek Playdate ~ Beautiful Board Games

It goes without saying that technology has dramatically changed the world we live in. We're the last generation who will remember what life was like both before and after the advent of the internet, which means we're raising our children in a world that's very different to the one we grew up in. Most parents know how easy it is to occupy a child with a smartphone or tablet device. Load it up with a few  games, get the kids comfy on the sofa, and they'll probably be happy for as long as you let them. While we can certainly understand the lure of a little peace and quiet, did you know research suggests children should be limited to no more than 2 hours of screen time a day?

With this in mind, today's edition of Midweek Playdate is about ditching the devices {if only for a while} and raising gamers the traditional way!

Playing board games is a simple way to spend unhurried, enjoyable time together with your child. Better still, board games are rich in learning opportunities, satisfying competitive urges and helping kids master new skills in the process. Concepts like number and shape recognition, grouping, counting, letter recognition, reading, visual perception, colour recognition, hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity can all be improved through this form of play.

Games don't need to be overtly academic to be educational either. Just by virtue of playing them, board games can foster important social skills like verbal communication, as well as sharing, waiting and taking turns. They can also aid a child's ability to focus and help lengthen their attention span by encouraging the completion of an exciting, enjoyable game.

Midweek Playdate - Beautiful Board Games

At Gigi Brooks we offer an exclusive range of board games that are designed to be beautiful to look at, fun to play with, and cherished for generations. Produced primarily by hand, using environmentally friendly materials, these unique games feature characters and themes drawn from an artfully illustrated fairy world inspired by the innocence and imagination of childhood.

Lighthouse, Splash, Bird Catcher and Pirate Island are among our favourites, but you can shop the full collection in our Toy Department. Happy gaming!

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