Midweek Playdate ~ Fancy Dress Fun

May 07, 2014

Midweek Playdate ~ Fancy Dress Fun

We're back with another edition of Midweek Playdate inspiration and this week we want to spark your child's imagination in a big way. Playing make believe is one of the most wonderful parts of childhood and definitely something we strive to nurture and encourage here at Gigi Brooks.

It's not all fun and games though. Imaginative and creative play is actually a vital part of how children learn about the world. Actively using all their muscles and a full range of senses during play ensures children develop healthy, strong, and complete neurological connections.

Essentially, as you expose your children to new experiences, you open their mind to a bigger, more exciting world. By encouraging them to use their imagination, you prompt the brain to forge 'imagination pathways' of its own.

Fun fancy dress costumes are a great way to immerse your child in a dreamy world of their own creation and the range we carry at Gigi Brooks is very special indeed. Whatever, or whoever, your little one would like to be can become reality with one of our incredible ride-in costumes.

A valiant and noble steed, who will lead the rider bravely into battle, defying odds and defeating enemies until victory has been safely secured, or perhaps a shy horse who loves nothing more than eating apples and having her mane combed within the confines of the stable, the possibilities really are endless!

Midweek Playdate - Fancy Dress Fun

Midweek Playdate - Fancy Dress Fun

Wearing these animals recquires no effort. Although strong and durable, they are also light and comfortable. Filled with the potential for love and adventure, each has a weightless feel that transcends play and creates an imaginary world of excitement.

Designed to be worn by children aged between 4 and 10 years old, this velvet and cotton animal will offer the ride of a lifetime, every time. See the full range in our Fancy Dress Department.

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