Travelling With Small Children

March 24, 2014

Travelling With Small Children

With the Easter break almost upon us, many of you will be looking forward to upcoming holidays, exciting days out and general adventuring with the children in tow. Whether you're escaping to exotic shores or 'staycationing' here in the UK, travelling with little ones can quickly begin to feel like a logistical nightmare. We've handpicked a selection of Gigi Brooks' products that we think will make life a little easier for you and your tiny travel companions.

Our Classic Cape and Bubblicious Cape Backpacks guarantee no one will complain about carrying their stuff. A top secret mission could arise at any time. By simply pulling out the hidden cape from the zippered pocket and removing the concealed eye mask from beneath the front flap, your travel buddies will be ready for action in no time. As you watch them transform into superheroes, be prepared for the kids to stay 'in character' all the way to your final destination!

Travelling With Small Children

A wheelie bag is a great idea if you have vast airports to navigate en route. Featuring a convenient adjustable handle and multiple lock settings, there is also a large external pocket and a zipped compartment on the inside that can be used to store important documents for those adventures that involve a journey into the exciting skies. You just need to decide which incredible character to go for. We're big fans of Priscilla the Pooch, but you can browse the full collection in our Travel department.

Our Quilted Travel Duvet could be the perfect addition to long car journeys or nights spent in unfamiliar hotel rooms. The pure quilted cotton can be tied up in a neat roll with a bow and the integrated handles make it easy to transport without being cumbersome. Open it up and spread it out as a tummy time mat or use it as a comfortable coverlet on the go.

Keeping kids entertained is always a primary concern when faced with hours on the road. If you're hoping for some in-flight screen time of your own, why not satisfy your child's technological interests with our I Can 2 Laptop. They'll develop those all important creative skills as they draw and write to their heart’s content using this cool, classic design that also helps them feel part of the adult world!

Finally, never underestimate the importance of a cuddly companion, especially if you're counting on them sleeping away some of the journey. We have a bit of a soft spot for Wooly the Sheep at Gigi Brooks HQ, but you'll find plenty of choice in our Toy department.

Travelling With Small Children

Happy travelling!

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