Get Outside ~ Ride-Ons, Peddle Cars and Playhouses

March 12, 2014

Get Outside ~ Ride-Ons, Peddle Cars and Playhouses

After such a damp start to the year, the Gigi Brooks' team have relished every minute of the recent good weather. It definitely feels like spring has sprung! As the daffodils begin to bloom and the trees grow heavy with pale pink blossom, we suspect the urge to get outside with your children and soak up some of that precious sunshine will soon be too great to resist.

Childhood is all about adventure, having fun, and learning and growing within a safe, loving environment. By providing children with our innovative and playful designs we hope to play at least a small part in creating a world where little ones can reach this goal. Whether you're in the middle of the countryside or simply visiting your local park, to young minds the great outdoors is an arena of limitless opportunity and experience. Our selection of meticulously crafted Pedal Cars, Ride-Ons and Wooden Toys have been created by a talented and enthusiastic team for whom nothing is too much trouble in the quest to fuel a child’s imagination.

Your children can travel to distant lands or build a home in their own back garden. They can heroically drive a fire engine towards an imaginary burning building or become the daredevil pilot in charge of a plane. There's a perfect pink peddle car for the princess about town and countless vehicles for those little ones that already feel the need for speed. When they find they're low on fuel they can even stop by the petrol pump to fill up! Each carefully crafted accessory serves to embellish the fantastical, make believe world that flows from the minds' of children.

Get Outside - Ride-ons, Peddle Cars and Playhouses

Get Outside ~ Ride-Ons, Peddle Cars and Playhouses

Whether they want to race to the playground in their ride-on or pitch a playhouse in the garden, you'll find everything you need to nurture your child's imagination in the Gigi Brooks toy department. With extensive testing to ensure safety standards are met and fun is guaranteed, we hope to provide a platform for learning from which children can dare to dream. Head outside and let their imagination roam free.

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