Sweet Dreams and Blissful Bedtimes

March 03, 2014

Sweet Dreams and Blissful Bedtimes

Bedtime with little ones is a beautiful time of day, and not just because it usually foreshadows some long-awaited peace and quiet.

After the hustle and bustle of a busy afternoon with a baby or toddler, the pace begins to slow as they play happily in the bath after dinner, laughing and splashing as you whizz their favourite toy through the water.

Bundling them up in a fluffy white towel, you look on adoringly as tiredness threatens to overcome them. Sleepily rubbing their eyes, they fight to stay awake in your arms. You pull on their crisp cotton pyjamas and watch over them carefully as they clean their teeth, diligently instructing them to wash their tiny faces and brush their hair.

Hunkering down beneath the plush blankets adorning their bed, they await kisses, cuddles and a bedtime story. There’s just enough time for one last adventure before they give into sleep completely. As you read their most beloved book aloud, their imagination whirs into action, ready for a night of blissful slumber accompanied by fantastical dreams.

Such an important daily ritual requires the right tools and Gigi Brooks has everything you could possibly need to ensure they're snug as a bug and destined for a good night's sleep.


Our bedding is impeccably crafted from the finest fabrics in a variety of designs. Whether your child’s room demands something clean and crisp, whimsical and fun or classic and simple, we have the linens you need to complete the look. Beyond the exquisite couture look of Swiss batiste cottons and decadent Dupioni silks, you’ll also sleep a little easier knowing your little one is enveloped in bedding designed to be incredibly kind to their skin.

Sweet Dreams and Blissful Bedtimes


Cocoon your baby in the softest cotton or the plushest cashmere as they savour their final milk feed before bed. Representing a perfect blend of style and function, our luxurious blankets have been chosen to evoke tradition while complimenting even the most modern nursery decor.

Soft Toys

Everyone needs someone special to huddle and cuddle as they drift off to sleep, and our range of toys has been handpicked on the basis of excellent craftsmanship and timeless design. You’re sure to find the perfect plush companion for your child to adore.

Sweet Dreams and Blissful Bedtimes

At Gigi Brooks we’ve thought of everything. All you need to do is give those all important goodnight kisses and wish them the sweetest of dreams.

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