Essential Funiture and Accessories for a Perfect Playroom

June 06, 2016

Essential Funiture and Accessories for a Perfect Playroom

A playroom should promote fun, foster creativity and encourage a child to use their imagination at every available opportunity. Little ones learn through play, so the environment in which they make believe has a crucial role in their overall development.

Bright colours, fun characters and space to play is the order of the day, but we believe there are other essentials too...

Toy Storage

A place for everything and everything in its place should be your mantra as you plan your child's playroom. Tidy-up time is always easier when little ones have a clear idea of where their toys and games belong.

Functionality is key, but that doesn't mean storage shouldn't bring something extra special to the space. We offer an incredible range of children's storage, ranging from stunning bespoke pieces on a grand scale to traditional toy boxes that are destined to become beautiful family heirlooms. Discover more unique ways to store children's toys and games here

Essential Funiture and Accessories for a Perfect Playroom


Every parent knows that reading with children and nurturing a love of literature from an early age is one of the best things they can do for their little one. There are numerous benefits, including a higher aptitude for learning, better speech and communication skills and enhanced concentration.

Carving out a dedicated space for reading is a beautiful way to show children just how important it really is. We would encourage you to include a reading corner or book nook in your child's playroom or, at the very least, a stand-alone bookcase laden with their favourite titles. Find out how to create a children's reading corner or book nook here

Table and Chairs

Children are often happy to play on the floor and many toys and games work best this way, but there are some activities that definitely call for a table and chairs. Whether for reading, working, dining or playing, the right piece should strike a perfect balance between practicality and purpose.

Our stunning collection ranges in style from elaborate elegance and Old World charm to vintage inspired and classic chic. Finished in an array of colours, our beautiful table and chair sets will suit all tastes and complement any theme.

Essential Funiture and Accessories for a Perfect Playroom

A Daybed or Sofa

Play can be energetic and wild or it can be calm and gentle. A beautiful daybed or sofa is a dreamy way to add a little comfort and softness to your child's playroom, so when they do want to slow down, they'll have the perfect place to unwind.

Whether working, resting or playing, our range of daybeds and sofas offer delightful design and practical function. Crafted from high quality materials and upholstered in luxurious linens, they never compromise on style or durability.

Our range of charming Playroom Furniture has been specially chosen to help you create a delightful learning environment that will undoubtedly harness and encourage your child’s creative energy. Within our carefully curated collection, you will find all the stylish, yet practical pieces you need. Simply add a little Gigi Brooks magic and your little ones will make their own fun!

Essential Funiture and Accessories for a Perfect Playroom

Essential Funiture and Accessories for a Perfect Playroom

The Gigi Brooks team would be happy to assist you in creating the perfect playroom for your child. Read more about our Bespoke Service, contact the Customer Services team on +44 (0)1507 608 251 or email

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