A heart-warming range defined by quality craftsmanship and personal touch, each item in this collection has been designed and handmade with a genuine passion to create the very best for children to enjoy now and future generations to cherish. With an unrivalled desire to ensure that each and every piece epitomises the definition of heirloom, each step of the design process guarantees complete safety and longevity. 

Every item is made from the highest quality wood, which often improves its look with age, and has been hand crafted with incredible attention to detail and skill to ensure the counteraction of any future issues that may be associated with wood products. All joints have multiple fastening systems for ease of use and durability, the body and legs of each item contains pegs to prevent any wood splitting and all final sanding and finishing is carried out lovingly by hand. 

This truly unique collection prides itself on combining age old dedication to the wood trade with the utilisation of modern engineering skills and contemporary artistic flair.

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