MORI is Japanese for forest and is a subtle nod to the purity of nature. Our inspiration comes from Scandinavian and Japanese concepts that focus on natural aspects paired with sleek styles, which compliment the environment. Protecting the world is as vital to us as protecting your baby & that’s why we use bamboo and organic cotton, as it’s soft like cashmere, anti-bacterial, breathable and sustainable. We always want you to feel your baby is in secure & snug hands with us.

By using organic bamboo and cotton we’re ensuring that nothing harmful comes into contact with your baby’s sensitive skin. Being vulnerable at such a young age means bacteria, sunshine & moisture can all affect little one’s precious skin so we’ve selected natural materials containing bamboo as they don’t hold germs, protect from 97% of rays and also absorb any dampness. We want to give you peace of mind that your little ones will only come into contact with natural yarns, which have been ethically sourced and free from anything nature didn’t intend.

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