A Christmas Tale Board Game


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In a small town far-far away, everyone is excited for Christmas. There are holiday lights in all the windows; the houses await the holiday all groomed up. Everything is so breath-taking that for a fleeting moment, even the angel got lost in the view. That's how it could have happened that somehow a snow cloud got in her way . . . The angel slipped and the presents fell all around. Meanwhile, the kids are walking home from Christmas celebration. The way is long and slippery and you have to stop so many times, to look at shop windows, talk, pick up lost hats, scarves . . . but maybe they have time to help the angel, too . . . no?

1 game board
1 house
2 clouds

Box:16 x 32 cm
Board: 45 x 30 cm
House: 15 x 25 cm
Figures: 5 cm