Alex Marshall Studios Bubble Car 3 Piece Dining Set

Alex Marshall Studios

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Each lovely 3 piece Dining set is individually artisan handcrafted with a choice of sweet images that capture the innocence of childhood. The little blue Car is a favourite amongst the boys and who knows; you may find him zooming through even the last of his peas! An ideal set to make mealtimes even more fun, these pieces of crockery will undoubtedly become treasured childhood keepsakes.

Set includes plate, bowl and mug
Made from white earthenware clay
Food safe, dishwasher safe, microwaveable, oven safe for warming
Lead and Cadmium free

Plate (8.5"dia) |  Bowl (6.5"dia x 1.5"H) |  Mug (2.5"dia x 2.5"H)