Alexus Single Bed With Headboard

Handcrafted Luxury Furniture

The beautiful classical lines and the stunning use of fabrics combine to create this magnificent single bed - one of the finest pieces in the fabulous Alexus collection. Hand-built with a solid wooden frame, the box base stands on wooden legs, hand-painted pure white and with a circular shape featuring some lovely ornate detail. The sides of the bed are upholstered in soft leather of a deep brown colour, creating a superb high-quality finish.

The padded headboard is upholstered in a soft beige fabric, beautifully cushioned and boasting a graceful pattern of slim vertical lines. This is bordered by a frame of solid wood, hand-carved and finished in pure white to match the legs. The overall aesthetic is one of sophistication - a bed hand-built for youngsters but fit for royalty.

Filled with beautiful equestrian imagery and treated with a palette of deep dark brown and gold, the Alexus collection has a definite style all of its own. Handsome and durable fabrics from the equestrian world are also used in the build and upholstery of the furniture and furnishings, where solid wood meets soft ecological-leather and super-soft fabrics favoured by riders are found adorning the surfaces of beds and chairs, bringing wonderful comfort.

As items in this collection are bespoke-made, every one is an original. All artwork is hand-painted, their brushstrokes beautifully capturing the power and grace of the racehorse. Ornamentation in the detail of woodwork is hand-carved by craftsmen, using their time-honoured skills to create the most elegant interior pieces that will be admired by all who visit and enjoyed for many years by youngsters.

- Mattress not included but available within the 'Style With' area below.
- Bedding not included.

All pieces within our Handcrafted Luxury Furniture range can be customised with different fabrics and finishes, please contact us to discuss any design options.

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