Allegra 3 Drawer Dresser

Classic Nursery Furniture

With its high quality craftsmanship and soft, simple design, this dresser exudes a timeless elegance, which is ideal for the soothing sanctuary of the bedroom. Featuring three, six-inch drawers which allow ample storage, each drawer has a slow-motion, self-closing drawer mechanism which means that they can never be slammed shut and the unique joints add additional strength. This ensures that the exquisite quality and luxury of this item can be protected and enjoyed for years to come. The finishing touches to this fabulous piece are the pulls hand-dipped in silver, which delicately adorn each drawer.

Guaranteed to have extremely low levels of volatile organic compounds and other potential harmful chemicals, all finishes are lead-free, non-toxic and has a full bottom dust cover which prevents any possible dust entry.

- 100% solid wood - European Beech
- High resistance finish
- Finished Drawer Boxes - painted
- 6-inch deep Drawers, with a French dovetail for increased strength
- Slow-Motion, Self-Closing, Anti-Pinch Drawer Glides with Safety Locks meaning the drawers cannot be slammed shut
- Recessed & Encased Back Panel which reinforces unit's structure
- Dust Cover on furniture bottom helps reinforces unit's structure & eliminates dust entry
- Knobs & Pulls are hand-dipped in real Silver with a clear-coat protective finish and are made in Italy

Depth: 20" | Height: 34" | Width: 49"

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