American Indian Peek-a-Boo Blanket in Blue

Little Red Stuga

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The American Indian Peek-a-Boo provides a cultural edge; giving older children the chance to explore values and traditions that they may not have encountered before. It also gives adults the chance to do the same, as they will be the ones who are asked!

Our innovative Peek-a-Boo Blankets are a fantastic way to interact and engage with children. As the name would suggest, you can play peek-a-boo with younger babies, due to the clever design of eyeholes to each pattern. Each blanket can become a friend and a comforter, whilst also offering great memory stimulation. As your child grows, as do their needs. Each blanket is 100% pure cotton, making this also wonderful for naptime. Once they reach toddler years each blanket can become a character in elaborate adventures and games, broadening imagination.

Height: 70cm | Width: 70cm