Aqua Marine MerFin

Mahina Mermaid

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The spirit of one of the most enchanting and elusive creatures of the sea has been beautifully brought to life with our unique mermaid mono-fin, which will enhance every moment you spend in the water and create a closer connection to the natural world.

Purposefully versatile so that all ages and levels can experience the MerFin, it is a must have for simple splashing with learners or some serious snorkelling or bodysurfing for the more experienced adult. The most imaginative pool toy around, children will love how it engages their body and mind as it sparks their interest in nature and makes them speedier than a shark but obviously much cuter!

Featuring a gorgeous aqua marine colour to match the warm hues of the water, the MerFin is completely safe and easy to use; one flick of the ankle strap frees the legs until your next magical adventure.

Inspired by the beauty of the ocean and the connection between humans and the natural world, these unique products have been created with a genuine passion and desire to make your experience in the water as enchanting and exciting as it would be in the wild.

Each product has been made from recycled rubber with environmentally sensitive practices to help promote the message of sustainability and social responsibility and keep the magic of the ocean alive for adults and children alike.

Kids XS - Length: 21" | Width: 23"
Kids S - Length: 24" | Width: 27"
Kids M - Length: 27" | Width: 29"
Teen - Length: 30" | Width: 32"

1. Measure the length of your bare foot from the back of the heel to the top of the big toe for foot pocket length.
2. Measure the width of the bare foot between the two widest points for foot pocket width.
3. Compare your foot measurements against the foot pocket length and width measurements detailed in the sizing chart image.
4. The measurements of your bare foot must be less than the measurements of the foot pocket length and width of the MerFin you select.

- Fin only, costume not included
- Made from recycled rubber

This product is for recreational use only. Must be used under adult supervision. The buyer / user assumes responsibility for the proper, safe and legal use of this product and it must only be used by people with competent and confident swimming ability. We do not endorse this product to be used in conjunction with any other products that are not issued by Mahina Mermaid.