Baghera Blue & White Ride-On Speedster


The Blue & White Ride-On Speedster is for those looking to travel in style as well as at speed. Crafted from a vintage design, but given a modern twist, this Ride-On will make sure that everyone knows a special someone is at the wheel. The authentic wheel arches and metal grill are matched alongside the sturdy body of the ride-on, rubber tyres and comfy padded seat. Speed and elegance can work side by side, as this vehicle shows.

This Ride-On car has been created by a talented and enthusiastic team for whom nothing is too much trouble in the quest to fuel a child's imagination. With extensive testing to guarantee safety (and fun) standards are met, we hope to provide a platform for learning from which children can dare to dream.

Depth: 29.5" | Height: 14.5" | Width: 9.8"

- Not suitable to be used by children over the age of 3.
- This ride-on must be used under the supervision of an adult. One passenger at a time.
- This ride-on has no brakes. Do not ride on public roads, on steep hills, stairs or near water.
- Do not use on rough terrain for jumps or stunts.
- This toy should be used with caution to avoid any falls or collisions that could cause injury.
- Be sure to perform regular maintenance and control of the main parts.
- Replacement parts available - contact customer services for more information.
- Weight: 5.5kg