Baghera Grand Prix Mini Wooden Race Car


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As it slides by with its slick black paintwork, the Grand Prix Wooden Race Car brings excitement to all who see it. This is a car to stand out in the brightest sun, or blend in to the darkest night, but has been built mostly for speed. Wooden wheels with rubber tyres finish off this wonderful toy in style and are designed to keep this car moving no matter how many miles it needs to cover.

Designed in the style of a 1930's grand prix racing car, the Grand Prix Wooden Race Car combines all of these classic elements with contemporary craftsmanship from our dedicated team to create a car to be proud of. Although small, this Wooden Race Car oozes cool and sleek, with its meticulous design giving you all the ingredients to race straight into the pole position of toys, just as you speed past them on the racetrack.

This Wooden Race Car has been created by a talented and enthusiastic team for whom nothing is too much trouble in the quest to fuel a child's imagination. With extensive testing to guarantee safety (and fun) standards are met, we hope to provide a platform for learning from which children can dare to dream.

Depth: 7.5" | Height: 3.1" | Width: 3.1"

- Ages 1 and over
- Weight: 0.400kg