Barefoot Dreams The Elena Pillow Blanket Set in Espresso

Barefoot Dreams

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At Gigi Brooks we love these Elena Pillow Blankets, incredibly versatile and for all ages. What makes them so useful is the way in which they can be folded to create a pillow. This can be used when travelling by adults, children and babies. They can also be adapted into a comfortable back support for breastfeeding mums, or a stylish yet practical solution to avoiding spit up mishaps after feeding, by laying the Elena Pillow Blanket beneath baby on mums lap.

Part of its distinctive design is the pocket sown into the side of the blanket, perfect for holding a bottle or dummy whilst either on a shoulder or in a lap. Its versatility also means it can become a comfy cover when breastfeeding, solving everyday problems and creating a wonderful place for mum and baby to snuggle down.

Folded - Height: 13" | Width: 13"
Unfolded - Height: 49" | Width: 32.5"